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10 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

10 Ways to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

If you search the internet you will find many recommendations on ways to reduce your intake of sugar. Here we have listed our top ten:

  1. Ditch the processed foods – processed foods are often packed with sugar, fats and salt to enhance flavour and extend shelf life!
  2. Be aware of the many names of sugar – brown sugar, fructose, fruit juice concentrate, glucose, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn sweetener, invert sugar, lactose, malt syrup, maltose, molasses, raw sugar, sucrose, table sugar.
  3. Learn to label read – stick to short ingredient lists and steer clear of products containing ingredients you can’t pronounce (for more information see Measure Up)
  4. If you do require a sweetener use stevia – naturally derived from the stevia rebaudiana plant
  5. Add spices for flavour – cinnamon is a particularly good one as it helps to stabilise blood sugar
  6. Eat 2 pieces of fruit per day – fruit is a great snack option, in particular lower sugar options such as berries and apples are a great choice. It is also best to avoid dried fruit as it concentrated (albeit natural) sugar.
  7. Eat regularly – consume 3 main meals and 2 snacks to maintain stable blood sugar levels and prevent sugar cravings which can lead to bingeing and overeating
  8. Make your own sauces & condiments – processed versions are often packed with sugars and additives
  9. Be aware of low fat foods – often packed with sugar to make up for flavour loss from the removal of fats
  10. And the best of them all: Always choose whole foods or foods as close to their natural state as possible which have undergone minimal or no processing at all!

For some great information and FAQ on curbing your sugar intake visit the webpage of the queen of quitting sugar herself Sarah Wilson and check out the I Quit Sugar resources!

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