Keeping Almond Milk Fresh

Keeping Almond Milk Fresh

Keeping Almond Milk Fresh

At Luz Almond we have come a long way from our beginnings when our shelf life was 3 days INCLUDING the day of production. Through the introduction of new industrial scale machinery, a new factory and improving production processes we have recently been able to share the exciting news that Luz Almond Milk now has a shelf – life of 9-days post production! This has been a significant feat for us which has come from dedication, commitment and perseverance and is something we are very proud of!

However just like dairy milk, there are certain steps which should be taken to ensure your almond milk reaches and even extends beyond its shelf life. Most importantly refrigeration is the key to the safe consumption of your almond milk as the combination of increased temperature and moisture can lead to the growth of bacteria and organisms which can cause your milk to spoil earlier than anticipated. At Luz Almond we obviously want to ensure you are enjoying your cold-pressed almond milk as we intend in its premium state.

Here are some tips for optimum storage of your almond milk:

  • Pick up milk last and consider bringing an insulated bag
  • Put milk straight into the refrigerator when you get home
  • Check fridge temperature to ensure milk is being stored between 1 and 3 degrees celsius
  • Keep in original container and if decanted do not return decanted liquid to original container
  • Keep at the back of the fridge where it is cooler (doors are opened frequently so they should be avoided)
  • Keep container closed when not using to prevent milk from absorbing other flavours in the fridge
  • Return milk to refrigerator as soon as you are finished with it

Always remember to use your commonsense – smell and taste before consuming a large quantity!

If you’d like to stock our almond milk, feel free to contact us.

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