Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

Waste Not Want Not

Have you ever noticed that children turn their noses up at the sight of a bruise on a strawberry, a brown bit on an apple or a vegetable which looks less than ‘perfect’? We know as children we did it and having babysat many children over the years, it seems to be just one of those things kids do! The other day I was going through the Luz HQ fridge and I looked at the mango which I had been (for some unknown reason) ignoring for the past week, I am not sure whether it was because I thought my colleague Jade may have been saving it or perhaps it was the other way around, either way what had been a perfectly flawless mango had suddenly seen better days as we both for whatever reason left it sitting untouched.

In the past I too would’ve thrown this now less than perfect looking piece of fruit into the rubbish without a second thought. However on this day I decided I was going to make use of it, ‘waste not, want not’ as my parents used to say. Perhaps it is the fact that living out of home we know we have to buy our own food or the increasing awareness about the immense amount of food wastage (thank you Harris Farm & Woolworths for their ‘Imperfect picks’ campaigns) but I could not let this sad looking mango go to waste. I decided to create a smoothie with it so I didn’t have to deal with the less than desirable texture of the sad mango but still being able to harness the incredible taste which if anything had only improved as it had proceeded to over ripen.

 The finished result was actually so delicious, incase you missed it we will share the recipe with you now:


Mango Smoothie

Serves 2

2 cup Original Luz Almond Milk

2tsp vanilla extract

1 mango peeled, depitted

1/3 cup shredded coconut

¼ cup chopped almonds

4-6 cubes of ice

Blend until smooth! You may want to add two Medjool dates to sweeten slightly, although the mango gives it a delicious sweet flavour already!


Following our experience with our over ripe mango and the delicious smoothie which resulted we were inspired to write a post on a few ways to prevent food wastage when your perishables including your Luz Almond milk are close to use by date.

  1. Use perishables first before buying more – first in first out
  2. Shop locally at fresh food markets – tends to last longer as hasn’t been transported for long periods
  3. Make dishes with fruit & vegetables that are close to turning – Smoothies with fruit, casseroles, overripe bananas are best for banana bread and cake
  4. Be aware of portions when preparing meals, don’t overcook and then leave an overload of leftovers
  5. Clearly label leftovers and leave notes for yourself or others in your house – ‘Eat me… Tuesday’s stirfry’
  6. Don’t shop when you are hungry – as the saying goes your eyes are often bigger than your appetite and you end up with way more than you needed or can get through
  7. Opt for 2 or 3 smaller shops during the week rather than 1 big shop
  8. Freeze food – you can even freeze your Luz Almond milk (make sure you pour out a little as the milk expands on freezing) and defrost when required for use in smoothies & baking
  9. Freeze food in individual portions –  save money by buying in bulk
  10. Freeze your Luz Almond milk in ice cube trays, perfect for throwing into smoothies!