What’s in your fridge Vie Active?

What’s in your fridge Vie Active?

What’s in your fridge Vie Active?

For those unfamiliar with this awesome brand, Vie Active is an active wear brand based in Sydney Australia.”Vie Active is a luxury, high-performance activewear brand with a Bondi-cool attitude that was created for precisely the way we live our lives. High-performance clothing that enables us to enjoy the benefits of living an active life without having to compromise on how we look and feel. Founded in Australia’s famous Bondi Beach in 2012 with just 8 Merino styles, founders Bryan and Noa Ries wanted to create activewear that was not only technical and discreetly luxurious but also captured the fun and freedom of their lifestyle by the beach.” (excerpt from Vie Active website)

Luz Almond proudly collaborated with Vie Active a while back on their awesome Barre & Brunch event which raised money for the Butterfly Foundation, an not-for-profit organisation which provides supports to those people and families suffering from eating disorders. It is not only their beautiful range of functional and fashionable activewear which is why we love this brand so much but also this down-to-earth attitude and support of such organisations.

As an activewear brand, it is unsurprising that the Vie Active girls are passionate about health so we asked them if we could have a peak inside their fridge, to which they welcomed up with open arms. Check it out:



A little more on what’s inside the Vie Active fridge:

  • Lots of fresh berries to snack on throughout the day and add to smoothie bowls and salads
  • Fresh Medjool dates for when our afternoon sweet tooth hits
  • Avocados – we love including these in our green smoothies and salads to pack our diet with healthy fats
  • Almond butter – perfect to snack on with apples
  • The bottom shelf has our green smoothie essentials:
    • fresh kale
    • bananas
    • bee pollen (an amazing complete source of protein)
  • Greek yoghurt to add some protein to our berries
  • Smoked salmon – we’re in LA at the moment so spelt bagels with avocado and smoked salmon are a go to lunch after a hard workout
  • Unsweetened almond milk ( it would be Luz if we weren’t in LA) essential for our smoothies, raw deserts and our coffees


Quick Q&A with Vie Active

Q: Why do you think it is important to maintain a healthy weight?
A: A healthy weight is important to us because if your weight is healthy it’s more likely your body is healthy. You have a lower risk of disease, health problems and aches and pains and when your body is running well you feel and look better.

Q: What do you do to maintain a healthy weight?
A: To Vie Active maintaining a healthy weight requires a healthy relationship with not only food and exercise but also your mind. There are a lot of factors that come into play when maintaining a healthy weight – stress, hormones, activity levels and many of these can relate to how you feel. We believe the happier and healthier you feel the easier it is to maintain a healthy weight. One practice we try to do regularly is taking time to do something that loves our body back – yoga, a massage, dry body brushing – these things make us feel happy and healthy and that makes it easier to make healthier choices, be motivated to exercise and maintain a healthy weight.


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