What’s in your fridge Jordanna Levin?

What’s in your fridge Jordanna Levin?

What’s in your fridge Jordanna Levin?

Jordanna Levin is the founder of one of our favourite blogs, ‘The Inspired Table’. She is a holistic wellness coach whose focus is to heal people’s ‘complicated’ relationship with food. She believes food should inspire and nourish, not be a source of stress and anxiety. Through her coaching programs, cooking workshops and popular healthy food blog she’s creating a new movement of mindful and inspired eating.

We were delighted to get a sneak peak inside Jordanna’s fridge. Enjoy checking it out for yourselves!

Jordanna's fridge


A little more on what is in Jordanna’s fridge (in her words, it was a little random on this day!):

  • 2 types of yoghurt: Coyo and goat’s milk. The reason there is two because I prefer Coyo on sweeter things like porridge or with fruit, and then goat’s milk on savoury meals like curries and salads. I find straight cow’s milk yoghurt a little hard to digest these days. Goat’s milk is a good compromise, plus it’s DELICIOUS.
  • Fresh coconut: I have a serious coconut addiction. I add the water to my smoothies most mornings. The carton stuff just isn’t the same. I try and make sure I use the whole coconut too. I usually freeze the flesh i don’t eat and add it to smoothies or banana soft serve.
  • Raw Sisterhood sauerkraut: I always have a jar of this in the fridge and eat a spoonful with every meal. I’m usually a Golden Goodness (full of turmeric and ginger) fan, but this week I bought the Pickle Me Pink (full of beets).
  • 2 jars of random: I always have countless jars of weird things in my fridge. The top jar is some cold pressed turmeric and ginger juice that I made the day before to add to teas and hot almond milk drinks. The bottom jar is a raspberry chia pudding that I made the night before to have for breakfast with some Coyo and probably some activated buckwheat.
  • Organic eggs: Always! It’s eggs for days at my house. Soft-boiled, scrambled, poached, in crepes, in banana bread… I couldn’t survive without them.
  • Vegemite: You can see the yellow lid peeking out from over the back. I love the stuff, I can’t deny it! Vegemite and avocado on sourdough with a poached egg on top is my idea of breakfast heaven.
  • Orchard St Turmeric Kefir: I’m surprised this was in the fridge, they never last more than 2 minutes once i buy them. I’m fortunate enough to live a 5 minute walk from Orchard Street elixir bar in Bondi, I must have planned ahead this day and had one ready to go for an afternoon pick me-up.
  • Organic veggies: I actually couldn’t get my veggie crisper in shot here, but my fridge is usually full of lots of vegetables. Although I end to buy as I need it these days. I was sick of getting to the end of the week and finding I wasn’t able to get through everything. Its such a waste. I’m lucky that my local grocer has such a wide selection of organic fruit and veg.

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Quick Q&A with The Inspired Table

Q: Why do you think it is important to maintain a healthy weight?
A: “I think we place too much emphasis on weight, size and body shape. When I’m working with my clients and they come to me with weight issues I think it’s really important to shift the focus from a desired weight range or dress size and ask them what being healthy would feel like to them. What would it feel like to have boundless energy, have a clear head, sharp mind, restful sleeps, glowing skin and improved self-esteem? How would it affect their job, relationships, family and hobbies? There are so many varying degrees of “healthy”, but if somebody can say that they’re nourishing their bodies with nutrient-rich foods, moving their bodies with regular exercise and taking the time for self-care and stress management then being “healthy” has the ability to transform peoples lives.”

Q: What do you do to maintain a healthy weight?
A: “Well, I do things a lot differently than I did in my early twenties I’ll tell you that much. The biggest key factor for me to remain healthy is to really tune in to my body and listen to what it needs. I spent years exercising like a crazy lady and restricting my diet only to have a serious adrenal burnout at the age of 25, 2 years without a period and a massive disconnection from what my body really needed. These days I eat when I’m hungry and try to squeeze as many nutrients as I can into each meal, which means lots of green vegetables, small amounts of grass fed meats, fresh seafood, good fats and superfoods like quinoa, chia and cacao. If my body feels nourished it stays pretty happy. I also exercise less these days. I do yoga most days and then throw in some brisk walks and a couple of HIIT sessions, but if my body says ‘no’ and somedays it does, I just take it easy that day. Meditation is the last bit of the puzzle for me. Actually, mindfulness in general. Once I eliminated the stress from eating and exercising the whole being healthy thing just kind of fell into place. We are so incredibly hard on ourselves sometimes and the mere act of being gentle and kind can make physical and emotional transformations in people that no amount of dieting or exercising could achieve.”


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